Books for the Temporary End of the World

For all that I read a lot, most of my reading is done while doing other things - mainly commuting, and eating. I very rarely actually sit down in a corner and read. Usually. Well, these are not usual times. Here are a few books that I can heartily recommend for anyone who needs a … Continue reading Books for the Temporary End of the World

Making the most of my time

Slow, the road told me in the 6 a.m. glow. The sparrows burbled from their hedge, the last white blackthorn petals fell. The sky yawned from pale pink, to pale blue. The cormorant on the No Fishing Sign hung itself out to dry. My steps sent coots hurtling across the water, beneath the silent stares … Continue reading Making the most of my time

Isolation Thoughts (3): If, If, If

My Outlook calendar is in an alternate reality to me. Island Holiday! Sophie’s birthday party. Hike! Book group. Mike’s birthday party. Kat? Lido. Pack up flat. Cheddar Gorge Trip. Leaving drinks. In physics, the many-worlds interpretation holds that for each decision you make, a parallel reality hives off. Branches away. I've always been an If? … Continue reading Isolation Thoughts (3): If, If, If