The Valley Way

The otters led us here
and by otters, I mean
the proxy of a webpage promising
that otters would be here.
The sight of a Wildlife Trust sign, fogged and beaded with damp
breathed on quiet embers of hope.
Our steps crackled through the woods
where trees still shuddered audibly
from the memory of a storm,
but the water called us on.
Across its blank page
life scrawled away:
Mallard, swan, coot, moorhen, cormorant, goose, grebe, gull, egret.
But no otter, yet.
As we plied amongst those sheltered lakes,
small tortoiseshells, orange-tips and brimstones
conjured meadows.
Little birds teased our eyes –
Ash or white? Brown or green?
But look at that heron winging from the willow!
The clouds gleamed, rinsed
of their winter grey,
sweetening the blue
till our eyes and skin and we were full.
As we left, we wondered
if there was something we forgot
but the water was too busy


Inspired by a meandering walk through the wetland reserves of the Nene Valley Way. A wonderful, unassuming place. 


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