Recommended reads: Christmas edition!

So many amazingly helpful links!

Wild Green Sally

pexels-photo-704219 Trees are for life, not just for Christmas

Somehow Christmas is only 2 weeks away! For once I’m feeling pretty prepared and I’m happy that I’ve managed to source many of my presents and decorations from ethical and eco-friendly places this year. I’ve also been resisting the pressure to send Christmas cards to everyone I know and spending large amounts on presents. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

Christmas is such an astonishingly wasteful part of the year which feels wrong to me. Celebrating our loved ones or following religious traditions shouldn’t be a reason to multiply our already hugely damaging impact on the planet. So I’ve been scouting out tips and ideas on how we can all reduce our impact on our home this winter holiday.

Here’s a collection of advice, tips, shopping and ideas on how to have a greener Christmas. Some from my very favourite blogs to…

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